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Team culture is your greatest strength. Anonymous feedback is your secret weapon.

Professionals using employ anonymous feedback to reach their full potential.

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Anonymity Promotes Honesty

Research shows that allowing peers to stay anonymous when providing feedback is key to receiving honest answers.

Gathering honest, actionable feedback enables individual growth in ways that are otherwise impossible.

The Impact of Anonymity on Responses to Sensitive Questions (Ong & Weiss, 2000), Anonymous Communication in Organizations (Scott & Rains, 2005)


are more honest when anonymous


trust anonymous feedback more


have no anonymous feedback
mechanism at work

Reported via independent survey

Designed for Results

We've done our homework to create the best anonymous peer feedback solution for your team.

We believe that:

  • Authority should not overrule anonymity
  • Trust is integral to the peer feedback process
  • Professional growth happens where trust & accountability intersect

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